The presentation is ready – let’s generate leads!


You’ve prepared an excellent presentation. With a few clicks, you’ve uploaded it to Pitch Avatar, created a link, and now you’re ready to offer your solution or product to clients. But, how do you find quality leads – those future clients who are potentially interested in your offer but haven’t yet purchased anything similar?

To start, turn to the power of social networks. And, if we’re talking about the business sphere, the initial search for leads can be done using LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

This is a paid sales tool that helps find potential clients and connect with them within LinkedIn. The service offers a wide range of features that can help you increase sales efficiency. You can search for potential clients based on a number of criteria (position, company, location, interests, etc.). This will help you understand their needs and determine whether your product or service suits them. Then, you can compile target lists of future clients and conduct more targeted work with them, for example, by sending emails with a link to your presentation in Pitch Avatar.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator will help you find potential clients based on a number of criteria.


Sales Navigator will not only help in the matter of finding potential clients and establishing connections with them, but also provides the opportunity to study the tasks and needs of future customers. As a result, you spend less time searching for a relevant audience and developing commercial proposals.

Of course, LinkedIn is a popular and developed platform for professionals, but why limit yourself to its capabilities? There are many social networks today, and each of them offers many opportunities for promoting your product and finding potential clients. For example, you can go the route of working with influencers who will present your solution to their subscribers (under what conditions is a separate topic). But, to start, it’s important to understand which popular persons are closest to your target audience, so as not to waste extra time on contacts that do not bring results.

Finding and analyzing opinion leaders in social networks will be helped by the BuzzSumo service. This tool has very broad capabilities, allowing you to search and analyze content, track mentions of companies and products, etc. But, in the context of our article, the function that allows you to search for the most influential authors in your desired direction is interesting. Then, having found out the names and contacts of influencers, you can start targeted work with them, the result of which should be the promotion of your product to a wider audience and the receipt of leads.

BuzzSumo is indispensable in the matter of searching for influential thematic authors in social networks.


But, suppose the leads are collected. Now you need to be able to effectively manage them, build strong relationships with clients. Here you can’t do without a CRM system, which you can use, for example, HubSpot.

Why exactly it? The fact is that HubSpot is more than just a CRM. It’s a comprehensive platform for marketing and sales, which offers a multitude of tools to help you attract potential clients, develop and maintain business relationships with customers, close deals. It’s also important that HubSpot has a fairly powerful free version of CRM, which will help start work on collecting and processing leads, and then you can switch to a paid tariff with broader capabilities. Also note that HubSpot has direct integration with Pitch Avatar.

HubSpot is more than just a CRM system. It’s a comprehensive marketing tool that also integrates with Pitch Avatar.


In practice, searching for and storing leads, supporting and developing interactions with clients requires a large number of routine operations, such as sending emails, collecting data in CRM, distributing content to target platforms. All these monotonous processes can be automated using the Zapier platform, which also has integration with Pitch Avatar.

Zapier will significantly reduce the number of routine operations, helping you focus on important issues that require an individual approach.


Zapier is a powerful tool that can help you automate basic business processes focused on working with clients, save time, and increase the efficiency of interaction with potential and existing customers.

Well, now you not only have a presentation with links in Pitch Avatar but also leads for its distribution collected, including from social networks. Automation of processes will not let you drown in routine, and CRM will not let any important contact get lost. It’s time to move on to the next stage – turning leads into active clients.


Source: Pitch Avatar Blog

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