Speak and Show! Five AI services capable of “reviving” any presentation.


The simplest and most effective way to make a presentation more attractive is to voice it over or add a virtual host. Few people are interested in watching static and silent slides. Moreover, voicing over frees the author of the presentation from the need to speak the text themselves – each time for a new audience. Of course, you can record your own comments on the slides, but it is faster and more efficient to create a soundtrack using online tools. Today, such functionality is often already available in universal programs and services for creating presentations. You can also use specialized tools.

To start, to voice over ready-made slides, you can use Natural Reader – an online service based on AI, which offers a large selection of voices and intonations, providing a natural sounding voice after converting text to speech. The program supports over twenty different file formats, including pdf.

Natural Reader supports over twenty different file formats for converting text to speech and provides a natural sounding voice with various intonations.

To expand the possibilities of sound accompaniment of presentations (and not only them), you can apply Speechelo – another powerful and popular service based on AI. The program offers a wide range of functions that allow you to control the tone, tempo, volume, and even accent of the reproduced voice. You can also overlay music and various sound effects. All this will help you make the voiceover more interesting and attractive. Export of created files is possible in various formats – mp3, wav, acc, etc. – for playback on various devices.

Speechelo supports dozens of languages and regional accents for voicing texts.

But why limit yourself to just a voice, if modern services allow you to create a real virtual speaker based on AI, who will not just read the text, but will add live mimicry to this process, which, agree, sometimes, is much better than just a voiceover. You can continue improving your presentation, for example, with Voki – a service for creating animated talking avatars.

With Voki, the user can set for their character gender, facial features (hairstyle, facial vegetation, skin color), “profession”, etc. The text that the avatar will read can be recorded with a microphone, typed, or uploaded as an audio file.

Voki allows you to create animated AI avatars of all kinds – for any purpose and task

If you need a really powerful tool for creating AI avatars, including volumetric models, then you should pay attention to Reallusion Character Creator. The program has very wide capabilities, covering almost all tasks related to the creation of virtual characters.

Here you can create and edit faces, create growth models with various parameters. You can also upload images of real people, which the program will not only “revive”, but also process in accordance with the necessary parameters (for example, you can “age” or “rejuvenate” the avatar). The final images come out as realistic as possible.

Reallusion Character Creator creates maximally realistic AI avatars, including based on images of real people.

The common drawback of all the services discussed above is that they require ready-made texts, which still need to be thought up and written, and sometimes there are problems with this. To free yourself from the torments of creativity and make the process of creating texts simpler and more pleasant, you can also resort to the help of artificial intelligence. For example, by using Jasper – a powerful service for creating text content. The program is capable of generating various types of texts – letters, articles, blogs, etc. The service can also create various types of presentations – business, educational, product – just provide a topic or request, the rest of the work will be done by AI.

Jasper allows you to create almost any text – letters, articles, blogs, presentations – using AI according to the given parameters.

If you do not want to work with separate services, then the presentation can be voiced, provided with descriptions for slides, and supplemented with an AI avatar in just a few clicks – using the built-in functions of ROI4Presenter. For this, it is enough to create an account, upload a presentation, and then follow simple instructions.

Regardless of whether you already have a ready-made and voiced presentation or you decided to improve it using the built-in tools of ROI4Presenter, our service will allow you to quickly and effectively convey your information to the target audience and not miss a single potential client.


Source: ROI4Presenter Blog

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