Pitch Avatar’s new pricing plans: maximize your business goals


From April 2024 ROI4Presenter becomes Pitch Avatar. Our rebranding process is more than just a transformation in our name and identity. It’s about enhancing the quality of our service. With Pitch Avatar, you can expect to access even more useful and highly effective features.

As we continue to develop new features, which require a significant amount of work and high quality, we unfortunately can no longer afford to provide services for free forever. However, this means that we are creating a tool for you that will pay for itself in the first month.

We are also updating our pricing plans.

Get a taste of Pitch Avatar with our 7-day free Trial

We are updating our pricing policy and now offer a 7-day free Trial for you to experience all the features of Pitch Avatar. This Trial period will help you choose the right pricing plan according to your business goals.


The Trial includes:


  • unlimited AI-generated text scripts and voice-overs, 
  • 3 minutes for  avatar generation,
  • the ability to upload up to 10 presentations,
  • the option to generate and share up tp 50 links, 
  • access in-depth analytics and more features.

What happens when Trial ends?

On the 8th day after Trial activation, you will have to choose the most suitable plan; otherwise, access to your account will be restricted according to our current Terms of Use. This means that access to the presentations and analytics tabs will be restricted, and all the generated links will be deactivated. But don’t worry, once you pick a paid plan, all the restrictions will fade, and you’ll be able to work with your content again.

Will this affect current users?

If you’re a paid plan user, you can just ignore this note. The Professional and Business plans won’t change in price, but we’ll continue adding new exciting features, like voice cloning, presentation goals and so on. You can find a detailed comparison of current plans on our website.

If you’re a Free plan user, starting from April 1st, your account will be automatically switched a free 7-day Trial. After that, we will help you choose one of the paid plans according to your goals. Our team is committed to providing all the support you need to make the switch smoothly. Feel free to contact us at support@pitchavatar.com if you have any questions.

Can I use Pitch Avatar for free?

After registration, a 7-day free Trial plan is automatically activated. This Trial allows you to test all the benefits of Pitch Avatar within a limited period. If you’d like to test Pitch Avatar with your team, book a demo with our expert. They’ll guide you around the platform, will discover how to get the most out of it,  and after the session, we’ll activate access to an extended Business Trial.


Source: Pitch Avatar Blog

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