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Hello everyone!

February has come to an end, which means it’s time for another review of the updates that have appeared in ROI4Presenter over the past month. They are few, but important.


The main news of the month was the appearance of the voice cloning feature. Previously, you could voice your presentations in two ways: by selecting one of the preset voices or by recording/uploading a file with your own voice. In the first case, a potential problem is the limited range of options available. In the second case, you would have to spend time preparing the recording.


Starting in February, with the new Voice Cloning feature, you can independently create a sample of almost any real voice (for example, your own) and use it as a template for voicing presentation slides using AI. It’s easy to do now!


To get started, log in to your account. On the right side of the menu, you will now see a feature called Voices, which you need to select.

In the window that opens, click Add cloned voice.

Next, set the name of the new voice in the new menu. You can then either record the sample using the Voice Recorder option (1) or load a previously prepared audio file (2). Click Generate and wait for the voice clone to be created.

This process may take several minutes.

Once complete, you will see the created voice clone in the Voices menu.

Now you can select the sample you created when you narrate a presentation. Click the Generate with AI button in the right sidebar.

Then select Cloned Voices (1), the name of the created sample (2), click Generate (3). That’s it, now your slide is voiced with the selected voice clone.

You can listen to the result using the standard ROI4Presenter interface.

The voice cloning feature will help you save time when narrating your presentation, because instead of recording your own voice for each slide, you can clone it once and then use it to create audio scripts.


In addition to the voice cloning feature, we’ve also made a number of small changes to improve the speed, usability and usability of ROI4Presenter.


We hope the new improvements will help you achieve your goals faster and more efficiently.

Your ROI4Presenter team!

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