Into the new year – with new possibilities! ROI4Presenter gives you even more possibilities


December is a month of holidays and good spirits. That’s why the whole ROI4Presenter team has been working hard to provide you with as many useful improvements and options as possible while using our product.

The key changes this time were related to improving and speeding up the application, as well as optimizing the ergonomics and design. In particular, the scaling issue has been completely resolved - now slides look the same on any display, whether it is a 16:9 or a 4:3 screen, and controls and other interactive elements remain in place.

We’ve also improved the creation of half-height avatars and fixed bugs that sometimes occurred when creating them.

We’ve also optimized the side menu and updated a number of visual interface elements for a better user experience.

Added a new “Show slides sequence” action element, which allows you to show presentation slides in order by ID. Improved generating text scripts, fixed previously discovered bugs. After all these improvements, ROI4Presenter has become even more convenient, reliable and functional.


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