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The Pitch Avatar team from ROI4Presenter analyzes the main trends of 2023 and shares their predictions for the future.


One of the most popular tips for content creators in general and marketers in particular is to adapt and optimize websites, pages, texts, videos, presentations, online stores, and other content for viewing on mobile devices. This recommendation has been and remains relevant. But with one significant caveat. In fact, all modern internet content should not be adapted, but created immediately with the capabilities of smartphones and corresponding software in mind. And here’s why. Approximately 60% of website traffic worldwide comes from mobile devices. Here are a few more telling statistical indicators:



  • In 2022, mobile shoppers in the United States spent $387 billion – twice as much as in 2019.


  • The total number of smartphones sold in 2022 was 1.21 billion.


  • 90% of users have access to the internet from their mobile devices.


  • It is expected that by the end of 2024, the total number of working mobile devices in the world will be 17.72 billion.


However, instead of studying global statistics, everyone can conduct their own personal research. Answer for yourself and ask your loved ones and friends a few questions. How many hours do you spend with your smartphone in your hands? How many resources do you visit per day? How many goods and services do you view? And most importantly – how many purchases do you make per month?


We assure you that the results of such a survey will perfectly demonstrate the growing role of mobile devices in our lives. That’s why we recommend that no matter what you do: online trading, developing services/applications, creating games, marketing, entertainment/public/political projects, or anything else – immediately think about how it will work/look on a smartphone.


Good luck, success, and high income to everyone!


Source: ROI4Presenter Blog

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