ROI4Presenter – September digest of major updates. More AI and analytics capabilities


Hello everyone!

After a brief break, let’s summarize what the first fall month brought. Our team has worked hard again to make ROI4Presenter even better, more convenient and reliable.

Let’s start with the visual changes. We’ve improved the design of the iFrame – the window that displays your presentation on the website. We have improved the positioning of the live video window and made the control functions more convenient for users.

In addition, when loading a new presentation, it is now possible to instantly, with the help of AI, create text scripts and voice-overs for all slides. To do this, simply check the corresponding checkbox and select one of dozens of accessible languages.

If you later decide to edit texts or slide voice-overs, it’s even more convenient to do so than before. In the new release, ROI4Presenter remembers the chosen language and character limit for text generation. Keep all the important settings for voice-overs and voice type in one presentation editing session. When navigating between slides, all your settings are saved.

We have noticeably expanded the library of AI avatars. Various images can help you reflect the mood and style of your presentation and choose the right character for each audience. Currently, over twenty AI avatars are available, which look and behave on the screen exactly like real people.

We have also enhanced the analytics capabilities. Reports now include data about the country from which the audience member accessed your presentation via a link.

We have optimized the main menu for working with presentations. The My Presentations tab only shows presentations you created. The Share with me item lists files you can access in your company account. By the way, sharing a presentation has become even easier – now the Share button has been added directly to the main table.

Individual settings of your corporate style for presentations have moved to the Settings item of the main menu. Note that the Branding option is now available as part of the free tariff.

And, of course, small bugs have been fixed, the interface has been optimized, and the speed of the application and presentation loading has been improved. We continue our daily work so that you get more opportunities with ROI4Presenter.

See you soon!


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