Use statistical findings to optimize your presentation. Part II


In the first part of the text, we discussed how images and videos improve your chances of getting a listener’s attention. In the second part, we add such grabbing attention tricks as personalization, interactivity and clear instructions to a listener on what to do after the end of the event.

Speak the audience’s language (literally)

Personalization and localization hold the key to capturing your customer’s heart. Did you know personalized presentations have a 68% higher chance of being viewed from start to finish? And not only that, they’re 2.3 times more likely to be shared with others in the company, which is a significant number by itself but also in B2B collective decision-making.

And hold on before you get overwhelmed thinking it is a tedious task: R4P’s Pitch Avatar will effortlessly take care of the personalization and translation for you. 


Miracles of an interactivity 

Retro theater poster with two men playing tube and piano, accordingly

According to marketers, interactive presentations have a 70% better chance of turning viewers into loyal customers. And guess what? Attendees love it too! They find interactive presentations way more memorable than those boring passive ones.

So, let’s ditch the “yawn-worthy professor lectures” style and bring in the fun! We’re talking tests, blitz questions, and interactive slides that make your audience go, “Wow!” 

The fact that most commercial online content “lives” in a recording format is not a problem. Today, any recording can be turned into a 24/7 live stream. With our Lead Catcher, you can turn any recording into a happening 24/7 live stream, and it lets you know when someone starts viewing your presentation so that you can jump right in. 


Offer a next move

One of the biggest mistakes of presenters is ending an event with generic phrases. Think about it: your viewer has patiently watched your entire presentation, eagerly waiting for that grand finale, and what do they get? A plain old “Thank you for your attention!” with a bunch of contact info. 

Instead, offer them clear action – buttons like “Click here to order a service” or a “Call a sales manager.” By reaching out to a web lead within just 5 minutes of their interest (and viewing your presentation is a sign of interest), you boost your chances of making a sale by nine times.


Not-so-secret secret  — persistence

Retro theater poster with an old man and a woman digging gold in Klondike

You’ve got killer content, interactive slides, and engaging calls to action, but all that effort won’t mean a thing if you’re not consistent and committed to the cause. 

Most salespeople give up after just one shot, but 80% of successful deals require five rounds of communication. And 60% of viewers take three months to decide on a purchase, while 20% might need an entire year! So, don’t throw in the towel too soon.

May luck be on your side as you deliver awe-inspiring presentations!


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