ROI4Presenter May updates digest


📢 Exciting News! Yesterday was our Product Hunt Launch 🎉

We’ve already discussed our new AI tool set in the previous digest. Now it is gathered under our AI assistant’s name – Pitch Avatar. That’s what the launch on Product Hunt was about.

Usually, our digest covers last month’s releases, but this time we were too high on the wave of inspiration from the launch to wait until June’s digest to share the news with you. So, before we comment on product updates, here is a quick notion on the Product Hunt’s launch.

We are thrilled to share that Pitch Avatar made a grand entrance, receiving an overwhelming response from the community – support, positive feedback, and valuable insights.

Within a day, Pitch Avatar collected more than 400 votes and became one of the top three leaders of the day. However, almost equivalent to this success was the confirmation by new users of our main use cases and the demand for the product. It encourages us to continue developing the service.

By the way, you can still support us on Product Hunt, as the race for leadership for the whole week is now underway.

Now for the updates in ROI4Presenter.

We’ve added templates for creating a presenter’s avatar. Here is what the library of them looks like now.

By default, though, the avatar will be generating video from your profile picture, so choose them wisely 😉

Also, the default English voice and mood now is Jenny, friendly. Really, you wouldn’t be disappointed if you forget to change it, she sounds very lovely and genuine.

The system saves your preferred voice and video generation language from the last use, so there is no need to set it up every time.

The window of text generation now opens, displaying the slide you are currently working on within the feed of slides in the exact positions as in the presentation. For example, if you’ve opened the text generator on the 5th slide, you will see the upper slides and the ones below.

Added a functionality that is responsible for voice recognition. It is still a work in progress, but you can already set up phrases that will act as a command to specific actions when said by listeners of your presentation. For instance, “Bye” for ending a presentation.

And, as always, countless fixes to make service work as seamlessly as possible.

Stay tuned to see ROI4Presenter becoming the most engaging and efficient presentation service!🚀


ROI4Presenter’s Team

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