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Disney’s Bedknobs and Broomsticks (1971) by Robert Stevenson 

Let’s talk about how animation will help presenters to effectively complete their tasks.

Artists, animators, and virtual reality specialists are taking center stage in the dynamic world of online presentations. With the rise of hand-drawn and computer-generated characters, showcasing the capabilities of products and services has never been more captivating. 

Despite the numerous advantages, there remains a hesitation among presenters when it comes to integrating animation into their presentations. The primary concern revolves around the perceived technical complexities. However, this apprehension is unfounded. Unlike the laborious process of hand-drawing thousands of frames, reminiscent of the original Walt Disney animators, modern technologies have revolutionized the creation of animations, making it more user-friendly, sophisticated, and readily accessible with each passing year.

Undoubtedly, crafting an animated video entails greater complexity than a standard presentation. However, this seemingly minor drawback pales compared to an animated presentation’s benefits. Let’s go over the main ones.


Captivating originality

The first and most important advantage of animated presentations is their attention-grabbing originality. You don’t have to limit your imagination when deciding on the setting and characters that will present your product or service most advantageously. A medieval castle, the ocean floor, a lunar base, a flying house, a Martian desert, a restaurant on the Titanic, a garden in paradise, the peak of Everest – your presentation can be delivered in any style and atmosphere. You can create a virtual building, city, planet… even a universe! It all depends on your imagination.

It’s worth remembering that most viewers decide to watch a presentation in its entirety within the first 5–15 seconds. Capturing the potential client’s attention in the first few seconds and holding it until the very end is a task that an animated presentation can handle much better than the traditional “head-slide-head-slide” combination.

Examples of products for creating animation: Adobe Character AnimatorAnimaze by FaceRigOmniverse Audio2Face


Perfect and unique presenters

Imagine the possibility of having Einstein, a unicorn, or even the object of your presentation itself as your animated speaker. With animated characters, the options are limitless, whether it’s a talking car, a sofa, a company mascot, or a smartphone displaying your app. Let your imagination run wild as you create engaging, animated presenters tailored to tell captivating stories about your products or services.

The best part? Animated characters are fearless in public speaking. They won’t stumble over their words, forget their lines, or get tired at the wrong moment. You have complete control to dress them up, send them on business trips, have them work around the clock, and easily replace them with a more suitable character if needed.

While this approach lacks direct communication with the audience, fear not! There are programs and services available that enable you to create real-time animated masks. Explore options like Adobe Character AnimatorAnimaze by FaceRigOmniverse Audio2Face to bring your avatars to life. And if you prefer to represent yourself, consider leveraging Pitch Avatar by ROI4Presenter for a personalized touch.


Optimal Presentation Delivery

Analysis of the preferences and desires of presentation audiences shows that most visitors find most presentations boring. Viewers prefer more numbers, isolated facts, and text slides. They want the presentation to be a coherent, engaging story with many visual effects. Information presented in this way is remembered twenty times better than as a dry set of data. 

Obviously, a narrative animated video is a perfect answer to the demands of modern presentation audiences. By the way, note that this format allows you to do away with slides altogether. Information traditionally conveyed through graphs, numbers, and facts can be woven into the script and, in addition, added as a downloadable file at the end of the presentation.

In addition, animation allows for a hundred percent hit rate with the target audience. You can “draw” precisely what will interest specific viewers based on their age, occupation, and preferences. You’ll agree that selling the same product to, for example, students and teachers requires a different approach.



While the resources required to create such presentations may seem significant, their effectiveness more than compensates for the investment. As online audiences evolve, solo presenters must adapt to new dynamics to capture potential customers’ attention and ultimately secure their wallets.  To succeed, you need to learn to work in teams and master methods of working with the audience, including (if not primarily) animated online presentations.

However, it’s important to remember that even the most captivating presentation is rendered useless without live communication with the audience. That’s where ROI4Presenter comes in—an invaluable tool for prompt, high-quality, and convenient audience engagement.

Don’t let your message get lost in the noise — harness the power of animated presentations and unlock the potential of meaningful connections with your audience with ROI4Presenter.

Successful presentations and high incomes! 

Andrei Tkachenko for ROI4Presenter


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