Why should communication be the focus of your online presentation strategy?


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A good salesperson knows that a potential client needs to be provided with an opportunity to talk, and not less, but more than the seller. The optimal format of communication ending with a purchase is 30-40% from the seller and 60-70% from the buyer. With a properly organized dialogue, the buyer convinces himself to part with the money, and the seller ‘only’ helps him.

Communication is what separates a good presentation from traditional advertising in the first place. After all, formally, both the sign over the bar, the ad in the newspaper, and the video promising the buyer unearthly bliss from the next soda are also presentations. However, we don’t call them that.

According to statistical research, allowing viewers to actively participate in the event, ask and answer questions, comment, and share impressions can increase audience engagement by 10-15% compared to presentations in which the presenter’s monologue takes up most of the time. What is engagement? These are completed lead forms and direct purchases.

For obvious reasons, the role of direct communication during online presentations is also growing with the increase in the percentage of remote work.

Unfortunately, many presenters and salespeople must abandon this effective way of catching leads. In our time, it is too difficult to organize a live broadcast so that a solid audience gathers on it.

As a result, the use of presentation recordings is notoriously common. Presenters and salespeople post them on various platforms, send links to them, and sit bored on the banks of the business river, waiting for the client fish to pay attention to their bait. In this form, the presentation turns into a regular commercial.

But a passive strategy, as is well known, rarely leads to victory. Such a calculation is little better than the hope of getting rich playing in a casino or buying bundles of lottery tickets.

Let’s describe an optimistic scenario for the behavior of a modern consumer of presentations. “Oh, great! This company has an interesting idea (service, product, product)! I’ll have to write to them later (after lunch, in the evening, tomorrow, during the week),” they tell themselves. The problem is that the potential client is constantly bombarded with information, and they will quickly be distracted by something else. This means they will almost certainly forget about the presentation that interested them.

Now back to the fishing analogy. One of the main problems with sales is that recording a presentation is like a rod without a float. The moment someone watches the presentation, the presenter has no idea about it. And for the ‘fish,’ the usual presentation recording is not such an interesting bait. Again, this is nothing more than a long commercial without direct communication.

How can we equip a presentation rod with a float and attractive bait at the same time? At ROI4Presenter, we provided presentations with a unique feedback system. This way, the presenter or salesperson receives a signal that the potential client is interested in their product.

It works like this: when someone starts viewing your presentation uploaded to ROI4Presenter, you have an instant notification on your smartphone. From now on, you can communicate with the viewer in real-time, answering questions, providing further details, etc. In other words, your presentation recording becomes an endless live broadcast, and your smartphone becomes your presentation control panel. This allows you to work on the go without being tied to a desktop computer.

What serves as alluring bait in this case? The feedback system itself! A viewer can watch the recording and communicate with the presenter at any convenient time, and it is a great way to stand out among the vast number of online events and recordings. ROI4Presenter also has the “Call presenter” button, further facilitating communication between the presenter and the viewer.

To sum up, we remind you that even the most remarkable quality of a presentation cannot replace direct communication with a potential client. Authors of excellent, original, and unique presentations that cannot communicate directly with the audience, will almost certainly lose the competition to the authors of mediocre presentations with a feedback system. Communication between the seller and the buyer has been, is, and will continue to be one of the central business tools for a long time. Remember to use it.

We wish you all the best of luck, successful presentations, and high income!


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