February ROI4Presenter updates, digest


Salute! The shortest month of the year and the last month of winter ended, and with it – another sprint of our development team. Describing the updates, we won’t mention some of the fixed bugs, so you don’t raise an eyebrow in a silent question: “Wait, you’ve fixed what?” 😅

But along with the fixed current functionality this month, we’ve got a lot of new and helpful stuff on the table.

For example, the web version now has an “Analytics” section. Presentation reports are now available in email reports and immediately in a browser. You can also download reports in two formats – CSV and PDF.

It is now easier to search for presentations:

  • First, filtering by date is functioning correctly;
  • Second, we have added a search for already filtered presentations;
  • Third, links now have an author, so you can divide between the presentations you created and your shows.


CMS scroll bars are now colored vivid blue to improve the user experience. Also, now you can clear listeners’ activity notifications, so it displays only up-to-date information about interactions.

The team finally widened a text entry window on slides – something our content team personally suffered, as we often wrote long scripts for various presentations. That petite window has frustrated us for 1-3% of our work time (this is an alleged number). Now a whole presentation novel can fit in there 🎉.

The box for entering frequent questions and answers is finally back in an updated form. This function was one of the first features we implemented in ROI4Presenter for a presentation to contain as much information as possible, and as the use case for training new salespeople.

Created an adaptive version of the mobile presentation’s media player phone is now running. You can now watch slides and script in a vertical window or view slides in full-screen mode horizontally.

Follow us to watch live ROI4Presenter becoming the world’s most user-friendly and efficient presentation service! 🚀


ROI4Presenter Team

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