The last step: the best ending for a presentation


A lecture by Cuvier by Grigory Gagarin

To lose or to gain 25% of your leads? This is almost Hamlet’s famous question, the answer to which depends on how you’ll end your online presentation. 

For starters, let’s recall how presenters usually end their performance. Most of the time, it’s something like: “Thanks for your time. See you later.” Polite and ineffective, in the style of a boring lecturer. Why a boring one? Because a fun lecturer knows that their success as a teacher largely depends on how intrigued the audience will be at the end of a lesson, what kind of assignment will suit them best, and how everything is built to interact with each other. 

A successful presenter should follow the example of an intriguing lecturer. Instead of the traditional farewell, think of a vivid finale, and invite the audience to take a straightforward step related to the presentation. For example – click the link to the product page/open the product order form/download the trial/subscribe to letters. The main thing is that the formulation of the proposal needs to be brief, precise, and easy to follow. 

According to statistics, this kind of solution increases the conversion rate at the end of the presentation by 25-27%. A pretty solid figure, huh? Worth trying out for sure.

Good luck to everyone, have successful presentations and high income! And don’t forget to use ROI4Presenter.


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