Presentations without a speaker, voice-over or text


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Let’s take a closer look at the pros of this (far from classic) option.

An online presentation without a presenter is not an unprecedented spectacle. However, the fact that he or she is not directly present on the screen does not mean that the person behind the slides is completely absent. As a rule, they are present as a voice-over. These presentations, consisting only of slides and videos, usually are much more colorful than traditional ones, in order to engage the audience enough to stay.

But what if you take out the host altogether? It is obvious that it is frequently possible to express the main ideas via text alone. Such presentations immediately gain an advantage, as they can be watched without sound and frame by frame. It opens the possibility to access slides in situations where it is more convenient to read rather than watch or listen. This may be, for example, while commuting, or in waiting rooms, locations with slow connectivity or even during boring work meetings.

Another advantage is that the presenters themselves have less work — performing on a video or recording a voice-over is a rather laborious task. Yet another benefit is that these presentations are easier to localize for an audience that speaks a different language.

One more frontier to examine is a presentation with little or no text — except for the title and contact information. A number of products and goods can be presented without words simply by demonstrating their functionality.

For example, let’s imagine a presentation of some kind of multi-tool. Would it not be enough to demonstrate the functions it contains? The text in this case can be limited to a slide with the name, characteristics, and contact information. This type of slide feed will be understood by people regardless of the language they speak.

The role of the presenter in these types of presentations, apart from creating the feed, comes down to answering questions from the audience. It will be especially convenient to use these in the “perpetual presentations” mode using the ROI4Presenter service.

Of course, use cases for such presentations are more limited than traditional ones. However, their user-friendliness is enough to find ways to incorporate them into your selling routine.

To summarize:

  • In numerous circumstances, it is possible to create and conduct presentations without a presenter, a voice-over, or even without a text


  • The general viewer accessibility for these slide feeds is easier


  • When working on these, the author does not need to spend additional time and effort on recording or narrating


  • Such presentations are easier to localize


  • These presentations are ideal for use as “perpetual presentations”


When used together with ROI4Presenter, they will perform the role of “lead catchers” no worse, and perhaps even better, than a live broadcast.

Good luck to everyone, warm leads and high incomes!


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