A Win-Win Resume, or a Presentation of Yourself


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Everyone knows it is challenging to find a good job by posting personal resumes on specialized services. As to find the ideal employee or contractor, too. This is a real lottery with little chance of success and minimal jackpot.

This is because most personal resumes are made up of templates, and this turns their analysis into a tedious wandering in a gray, monotonous mist.

Let’s sum up: working with personal resumes is boring for the most part. And it doesn’t matter if you compose it to find a permanent job/contract or analyze them.

But why follow a pattern if it doesn’t work? Create an online presentation instead of a classic resume. This solution has many advantages, here are some:


  • You can tell about yourself and your skills in a convenient form, presenting you from the best side.
  • A resume presentation points out that you are a sociable person. Though it is, as a rule, a monologue, but it clearly and unambiguously invites to a dialogue.
  • You will be able to demonstrate your creativity in different ways. Who said that a presentation should be just one? This may be especially important for creative professionals.
  • You can stand out and immediately draw attention to yourself against a monotonous flock of ordinary resumes.

Are you excited about ​​a resume presentation and are already considering how best to present yourself with it? Then we recommend considering using the Roi4Presenter service and application.

Its feedback system lets you start communication between the presenter and the audience as quickly as possible – almost the same as live. As soon as someone opens the presentation, its author receives a message about this on a smartphone, and can notify the viewer that he is online and ready to communicate. Accordingly, a potential employer can use the special “call a presenter” button if he or she is interested in a presentation.

This approach has all the benefits of live communication, entirely changing the rules of the “Find a job or employee” lottery.

Good luck to everyone and high income!


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