The Main Thing In A Webinar - Answers To Questions


A good salesperson masters the art of dialogue with a client. (С) GraphicaArtis

Don't believe it? If this is an exaggeration, it is not much of one.

While working on Roi4Presenter, it is no coincidence that we gave so much attention to creating the most efficient and convenient feedback system. How important is this, according to various statistical webinar studies? As quantified by, 81% of webinar attendees believe that there should be a Q&A session at the end of the event. Medium gives an even more telling indicator - 92%. There is no other issue related to webinars that respondents interviewed in the course of statistical studies showed such rare unanimity in their opinion.

What do these facts say?

First of all, consider the fact that the “Questions and Answers” webinar ​​session, especially those aimed at lead generation, is not an afterthought. This time is often allocated according to the residual principle, but is one of the most important building blocks, perhaps, as mentioned in the title of this post, the most important. You need to carefully prepare for it and leave a significant amount of time for it - at least a quarter, or even half of the total duration of the event. If a registered visitor asks a question, this is, in fact, already a warm lead. By professionally answering their question, thus giving personal attention to a potential client, you have every chance to warm up the lead to a hot prospect right there, during the webinar.

But if you look at this issue more broadly, then you can easily come to the following conclusion: For potential customers visiting online events and commercial sites, getting acquainted with online presentations and promotions and personal communication with speakers and presenters in the form of a dialogue is extremely important. No wonder - trade has been based on this format for thousands of years. One of the secrets of success is precisely that the development of technology helps to use and improve historical business practice.

If you agree with this, Roi4Presenter is at your service. Communicate with customers, warm up leads and increase profits.

Good luck with your sales!


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