Are We Ready To Create The Future?


At the recent Web Summit 2022 in Lisbon, one of the main topics of the forum was outlined by its founder, Paddy Cosgrave. During the opening he called for work on future technologies. "The future starts right now," he recalled. His speech echoed the speech of the mayor of the Portuguese capital - Carlos Moedas, the main message of which was the statement: 'We decide what is possible and what is not.'

Many participants of Web Summit 2022 were ready to sign a manifesto for what Cosgrave and Moedash said. However, a declaration of intent is one thing, and real everyday life is quite another. To what extent are we ready today to use the technologies of the future to live in a "beautiful far away"?

How often do we choose to favour the technologies of the future? Let's take the simplest example - hybrid and electric vehicles (by the way, Apple VP Lisa Jackson devoted her speech to ecology, among other topics). Why do millions of people on Earth, including those employed in the IT industry, cling to "classic" internal combustion engines? Why do they defend their position by saying that the production of hybrids causes damage to the environment no less than the operation of a car with a conventional internal combustion engine? Why do they excuse that the infrastructure for electric vehicles is less developed and less convenient? After all, put two and two together and conclude that the more people buy eco-cars, the faster they and their service system will become perfect - as easy as a pie.

Most people are conservatives. Even using high technologies, we quickly lose ourselves in the circle of familiar devices and solutions, rarely overstepping its boundaries. Let's take a topic close to Roi4Presenter. According to statistics, the vast majority of presenters - 89% - prefer PowerPoint. Let's rejoice for the authors of this, without reservation, excellent program (and for Microsoft in general), but basically, we note that this is a sad fact. After all, there are a huge number of other services and programs for creating, editing online presentations and projects that offer more original and bold solutions. However, a huge number of presenters do not find (or rather do not want to find) the time to do research, try new things and expand their toolbox. Why? Laziness, conformism and conservatism interfere. But there are other horses on which you can get to a successful future.

Let's try to jump ten years ahead. In this very near future, we will likely not see personal computers in the form of desktops and laptops we are used to - neither at home nor in the office. 'Impossible!' someone will exclaim. Calm down - we are not carried away by ideas in style: 'Back to the caves!' Of course, computers will remain our faithful assistants. But mammoths and high-tech dinosaurs will almost certainly be sent to museums by smartphones, occupying the PC's ecological niche as its principal inhabitants for a long time.

For comfortable work with them, you need the appropriate gadget, but the smartphone will be the base unit of most PC versions. When you leave home or work, take your smartphone with you. Returned - put on the base and work, looking at the big screen and using the mouse and full-size keyboard. Desktops and laptops are likely to survive only as a niche product with capabilities far beyond home, office, and even gaming needs.

Many experts will agree - this is quite realistic. We have created Roi4Presenter to prove it. One of its essential functions is turning a smartphone into a presentation control panel. We are absolutely sure that in the near future the smartphone will become the main working tool of the presenter, and there will be more and more products for online events created for use on a smartphone.

Are presenters themselves ready for this? Do they desire to experiment today with new ideas and products to keep them from being tethered to the workplace? We are counting on while working on Roi4Presenter.

How fast this will happen, we do not undertake to predict. But we are ready to say that those who will be the first to ride the new wave will surely be seriously ahead of their competitors.

Good luck to everyone, successful presentations and high income!


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