How To Behave At Web Summit? Advice to the participant from the participant of the most famous IT conference in Europe.

Web Summit 2022, Lisbon, Portugal

For obvious reasons, offline meetings of IT market players have significantly decreased in recent years. Some have even forgotten what it's like to represent a company or product while standing at a stand and trying to interest passing visitors. But these are very useful skills, without which it is difficult to count on success. That's why we decided to share our fresh experience with you. On November 1-4, ROI4Presenter took part in the famous Web Summit in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. Throughout the event, our Chief Revenue Office Victoria Abed kept a diary, the advice of which we bring to your attention.

  • If you are a startup with claims to global dominance, and you have the money, then being represented at the Web Summit is worth it. First, it is a good image component, and second, you will be given honest feedback about how you look internationally, not just within your friends or your region.


  • Don't expect people to just come to your stand. Make as many appointments as possible in advance. We set up meetings in person, posted messages about our participation in groups of Web Summit participants from different countries, and it worked. Only 5 participants approached me, with whom I personally did not plan to meet.


  • Try to be different from others - because there will be a looot of alpha participants, they will all have the same type of signboards, so if you haven't fully thought out your positioning and don't have something special on your stand, people will just pass by.


  • If you have a B2B solution, be prepared for the fact that the interested audience will be much smaller than in a B2C solution, just like in real life. Our neighbor was StoryRocks, a startup from Barcelona. They presented a solution that allows you to manually add stories from Instagram to your site. I didn't really understand why it can be needed, especially manually, but there were significantly more interested marketers passing by to our neighbors' product than to our.


  • The idea of ​​treating yourself to something at a stand or pouring something strong is as old as the world, but it still attracts people, especially at venue, where a small sandwich costs 10 euros and a glass of wine - 5. But before doing this, read the rules carefully, so that you are not disqualified for it.


  • Calculate strengths and possibilities. Even if you have a team of three people, and everyone will work with customers at the stand, then the maximum number of people you will be able to talk to in a day is 15-20 people each. So if you plan to bring 100-200-300 leads from the booth, you will be very disappointed. Make real plans. We made 100 handouts, but we were able to hand out only half of them at the stand, because they were distributed selectively - only to those with whom we talked, and not to those who simply walked around with bags and collected everything in a row.

Roi4Presenter CRO Victoria Abed

We wish everyone success and high incomes!


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