Where Can You Get Free Illustrations For Online Presentations And Webinars?

 Worried about drowning in a sea of ​​stock images? Catch our lifeline! (C) Pixabay/Alexas_Fotos

Even if you have a unique visual material that you created yourself, ordered or bought, do not skip this text. Any presenter sooner or later faces the problem of finding free illustrations.

Let's start with the obvious - you can absolutely freely use content that is not protected by copyright. As a rule, this includes works, after the death of the creators of which 50-95 (depending on the country) years have passed. In other words, almost everything created in the 19th century and older is guaranteed to be at your disposal.

But what about more modern images? How not to waste time figuring out which picture on the network can be used for commercial purposes and which is not? We bring to your attention a small collection of free services and libraries. Of course, we did not set ourselves the task of writing an encyclopedia of stocks. Our selection is more food for thought. However, we believe that it will be quite enough to satisfy the needs of most presenters.


A popular online design platform with a solid library of original images and templates that can be used off-the-shelf or remade using the tools of the service itself. There is a paid and free version.


An aggregator of paid and free images that searches for them on several dozens of stocks. In order to receive free, just select the appropriate filter. A good solution for those who like to make a choice from the largest possible number of variants.


A free collection constantly updated by the small group of photographers who created it. Nothing more - just photos.


A rich photo stock, with a convenient search and collections on popular topics. Editors and moderators select content manually. In addition to photos, Pexels offers a collection of short videos. There is a search by tags.


Service of free photos, painting, graphics, vectors, short video, music and sound effects. One of the main features - in addition to the usual search, it is possible to select images according to the specified parameters.


The author's project of the famous web designer and photographer Daniel Nanescu. Contains an exclusive collection of 6+ million works including short videos. Among the topics and categories, we note the most useful for presenters “Abstraction” and “Blurred background”.


Stock with a focus on high quality professional photos. In addition to traditional topics, the site presents the category “Experiments”. The results of new creative ideas of professional photo artists in the public domain can be a good basis for original and unique slides.

Let's summarize:

As you can see, there are more than enough opportunities to get high-quality free illustrations, including for commercial use. The sources we have listed are just the tip of the iceberg. It is worth remembering one nuance - the rules of good manners require in one form or another to indicate the sources of even free content. For example, in the form of gratitude at the end or at the beginning of a presentation / webinar. In addition, for obvious reasons, in any case, we strongly recommend that you spend half a minute studying the conditions under which this or that site provides free content.

Good luck to everyone and high income! And remember Roi4Presenter is the best service for webinars and presentations!


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