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One of the most difficult tasks facing large and rapidly growing companies is working with sales representatives.

Familiarizing the SDR team with all the products offered, providing each employee with the necessary materials, ensuring that sales representatives do not confuse anything in the communication process with customers - every head of sales development knows how difficult and time-consuming this all is. Especially when you have to deal with newcomers or outsourcers.

Fortunately, modern technology has made life easier for sales development leaders. The days of bringing employees up to date being accomplished through the organization of face-to-face seminars and the conversion of tons of documents to waste paper have sunk into oblivion - much to the chagrin of  conference room owners  and to the delight of the ecologically minded'. SDR team meetings are held remotely, and all materials are used and reviewed electronically.

But collective, albeit remote, meetings to study a company’s new product or service suffer from one common drawback - the head of sales development cannot pay enough attention to individual communication with each employee, providing detailed and specific answers to all questions and checking comprehension and retention of  the given information.

Now, though, it is no longer necessary.Today the head of the sales development department simply has to prepare a presentation that will become both a textbook and a future cheat sheet for sales representatives. You can do this using our Roi4Presenter.

We list the functions of our service, which SDR team leaders should pay attention to:

  • Feedback system. As soon as someone starts viewing the presentation, its creator is notified and can inform the employee that they are online and ready to communicate. You can conduct a dialogue in both video or audio mode, as well as in a text chat. The settings allow you to enable the 'call presenter' function. In other words, an employee who interacts with the presentation can inform the team leader about their desire to communicate, ask questions etc.

  • You can embed page URLs in the presentation, and they can  be reviewed in frame without leaving the presentation. For example, this may be information about the characteristics and purpose of a product or service.

  • The feedback system allows you to place tasks in the presentation to check employee knowledge level with a request to give answers in a text chat or during a direct dialogue with a manager.

  • Hint - another valuable function is the FAQ section, which is a collection of frequently asked questions to specific slides along with a prepared answers provided for the presenter in the chat. Thanks to this, employees receive a kind of cheat sheet, which they can quickly use in their interactions with clients.

Having armed an employee with a presentation for an individual user, you should also take care to provide them with short presentations of the company's products, which will become a sort of business card. The sales representative can send them to a warmed-up lead with the explanation that as soon as they start watching the presentation, the team leader will contact them to clarify all the details and nuances  the product provides. Roi4Presenter business card presentations will greatly simplify the process of organizing direct communication between clients and a company’s top managers.

Good luck to everyone and fast profit growth!



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