Turn an article into a live dialogue

Have you ever mused about the reason why we write articles? One of the main goals, in modern slang, is lead hunting. When we speak about authors of commercial materials, these are new clients, in the case of journalists and bloggers, they are new regular readers.

Unfortunately, it is always difficult to understand whether the article hooked the reader sufficiently to accomplish this task. And all because any text is a kind of simulator. Speech appeared as a means of communication - people spoke to other people to exchange information. A text is an attempt to establish a dialogue by presenting a live speech in written form. A crucial difference between speech and text is that only one participant is able to give their side of the dialogue.

But what kind of dialogue is this in which we do not hear and do not see the reaction of our audience? How can we answer questions they may have that the text does not answer? Or ideas they would like to share? Or maybe, if we are talking about a product, they wish to bargain reasonably or discuss the terms of the deal?

If you have written an article well (and why, after all, would you write it badly?), in the course of reading it, there should definitely be reactions that cause the reader to warm up. So, your lead is already warm and that's great. But the problem is that after they finish reading it they immediately start to cool down.

Of course, there are feedback forms at the reader's disposal. You can leave your phone number (“We will definitely call you back! Later, someday”), write in the chatbot, comment, or even send an email.

But let's each try to recall our personal experiences. How many take to their keyboard? How many times, having already started writing, do people give up, delete the text and send nothing, simply because they do not like what they have written. And that’s it – an almost-hot lead turned into a Titanic of Lost Customers slowly sinking into the ocean.

But everything can be different if the dialogue with the reader progresses successfully over the course of reading the article. Today, it is an easily accomplished task. To do this, instead of the usual illustrations, you need to embed a presentation uploaded on Roi4Presenter into the article. As soon as the reader opens the presentation, you will receive a notification and can immediately send a message letting them know “I am online, ready to answer questions, discuss, listen, negotiate - in short, have a dialogue.” And if you also tell the reader about this in the beginning of the article, it will be very effective. By the way, a button that allows the reader to call the article’s author can also be set up. A  special form for collecting contact information can be included, as well.

Don't be shy about the rich word 'presentation’. If you are not a fan of working with PowerPoint, Keynote, and other similar tools, you can simply upload a YouTube video or slideshow to Roi4Presenter. Our service is practically universal in its ability to integrate with media and software - you can learn more about how it works here.

The main thing is that thanks to our feedback system, you can have a real dialogue and, as they say, get the client while they are warm, turning your articles into a truly effective lead-generation tool.

*Source Roi4Presenter Blog


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