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Articles with photos inserted without a special system? Presentations in PDF? Are you serious? Take some good advice and throw this archaic junk in the trash and forget about it forever. All these offspring of booklets, pamphlets, and flyers will not do you any good. Offering a potential client a presentation of a recreational or educational tour in PDF booklet or article form is the same as distributing books in a cinema instead of a movie.

Today, a potential tourist cannot be lured by bright stock pictures. A tourist wants to get complete information about the service offered, not to admire a beautifully photographed green palm tree against an azure sea backdrop or happy skiers flying down a snowy slope.

If you want to successfully capture clients for your travel agency, accept it as a fact that a modern travel presentation is a video, first and foremost. What people want is a 'tour' in the first person, filmed on a smartphone; cut from client photos and video materials; professional video; a photo collage with animation – you decide what it will be. The main thing is to show exactly what you offer. It is the room in which you will settle, the menu that you will order your food from, the routes you will drive along, and the locations where you can relax.

Today, when the tourism industry has experienced several painful blows and operators are forced to compete for literally every client, you need to understand what they want. And they want clear and precise answers to the question: “What will I get for my money?” In order to understand this, one does not need to conduct opinion polls or perform complex studies. Imagine yourself in the tourist’s place. Think back to your travel experiences. How many times have you realized that when you went on a tour you did not get quite (or not at all) what you imagined?

For a long time the vast majority of tourists, given the high load on popular routes, put up with this. But not today. Tourists have become pickier. They have tens of thousands of customer reviews and testimonials on the internet and they carefully study them before going anywhere. Everyone understands that supply exceeds demand, and therefore they are ready to clarify every little thing in order to choose the ideal option for themselves. This means that in their presentations, travel agencies should strive to answer the maximum number of customer questions, accomplishing this with all the methods that modern technologies provide.

Even an amateur but informative video uploaded to YouTube and embedded on a website page is better than an article or an online booklet. Of course, no single video presentation will contain all the information of interest to a potential client. That is why the page needs a feedback system and online chat.

But alas, this approach completely places the initiative on the client. Perhaps they wanted to ask a question, but got distracted or put it off until later (and during this time their interest cooled down) and wound up not asking. Not to mention the fact that a feedback system in the style of “we will call you back / write to you” does not always imply efficiency, and online chats very often create a negative experience in their style: “I asked, but they answered after two hours, or even didn't answer.” This is not at all what is needed to form a positive image of a tour operator. We must remember that a modern tourist is a very choosy character, right?

Obviously, the ideal option for working with a client online is to start communicating with them while watching the presentation. But to do this you need to know exactly when they are watching it. Today, this opportunity is provided by the Roi4Presenter service, whose feedback system notifies the presenter that someone is watching their presentation. Accordingly, the presenter can immediately inform the client that right now they are ready to chat, answer questions, talk about other tours, etc. In other words, you can start treating the client in the same way as if they came to your office. Of course, this presentation can be embedded on your website or other resources where you catch customers. In addition, there are a number of other useful features, such as the option to “call a presenter at the initiative of the client”, setting up a contact form that appears during the presentation, a client behavior report, and others.

Given the trend towards business virtualization, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the future of the tourism industry lies with services like Roi4Presenter. As, however, in all industries where you can buy and sell something that you cannot touch with your hands, the era of long conversations in offices and booklets with palm trees is over.

*Source Roi4Presenter Blog

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