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The day has come, and Roi4Presenter by ROI4CIO started on Producthunt, the largest site to share and discover new products. We, the development and marketing team, are happy to open a new page in the history of our product. Let us remind you why we love Roi4Presenter.

For Those Who Make Decisions

If you are a decision-maker in a large company, you are obviously familiar with a problem of numerous presentations you have to look through in a limited time. For example, you need to choose the service vendor, and several companies created the presentations to show their best capabilities. It takes hours and overloads your mind with information.

Now you can collect all these decks in one mobile app, open them one by one, and quickly look through, focusing on critical slides. As a result, you’ll make a shortlist or even find the right vendor in several hours instead of days. We created Roi4Presenter for quick and well-grounded decisions.

For Those Who Show

Dear friend, we feel your pain. We know how hard it is to meet the right person, the company representative, or a decision-maker from the previous part. You do your best to create a business presentation, but these people are always super busy. Occasionally, when you have a few minutes for a brief elevation speech, the deck is unavailable. Now you have a chance to fix this.

With Roi4Presenter, you can present anytime from your mobile. Moreover, you can show only the key slides to keep the focus. The application also allows sharing a link with your vis-à-vis, and you’ll get a notification when the link is used. You can join immediately and start the live presentation!

For Those Who Sale

Just imagine: you have to show a deck and repeat the same speech hundreds of times. Even if you are a great fan of your work, such repetition can be incredibly dull. With Roi4Presenter you can share a deck, see a notification when it’s used, and join if needed.

If you lead the sales team, sometimes you have to train people. With Roi4Presenter, you send the training deck to all the team. You can see who and where with a deck. If you notice someone stuck, you can connect with your teammate, add some comments, or answer questions.

For Those Who Create

One person can hardly complete colossal tasks. We understand that the creation of a good deck and its presentation is teamwork. So, we added an option of joint work.

Besides, you can get feedback directly in the app. The listeners can rate some slides, and the in-built analytic tool can visualize the report in a nice and clear dashboard.

We developed Roi4Presenter for you because it helps save the most expensive resource in the world — your time. And now we need your support and feedback.

Would you mind telling other people what you think about this application? Share your feedback — support Roi4Presenter. Invest several minutes of your time, and give us a chance to find more clients like you.

See you on Producthunt!

*Resource: Roi4Presenter Blog 

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