Digest October 2020


🖖 Greetings! One can celebrate October ending with Halloween, but our team has decided to mark this event with the not-spooky-at-all digest. So, what has been done within a month:

  • 🚀 20 companies. In October most of the companies are our customers’. Here are web development and mobile application companies, cybersecurity providers, software vendors.
  • 🚀 5 IT-products. This section contains the environment for managing the full product’s lifecycle data, mission-critical servers, modeling, and CAD software.
  • 🚀 5 deployments. This month we’ve described the implementations of the threat intelligence platform in the bank, in government enterprise, and within software integrator company.

Some of you will immediately feel from these small numbers that in October we were doing something else. And that assumption would be correct! ROI4CIO team is working on a new proposal —- hopefully, we will be able to present it soon. Also, next month we plan to publish ⚖️ the comparison table of SOAR platforms.

As usual, we invite you to visit ROI4CIO’s Facebook — there you will find weekly updates, fresh case studies, and news from the IT world 🌍

Take care, see you soon here, when the Autumn ends! ☀️🍂

ROI4CIO’s Team

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