Monthly Digest: April 2019

Greetings! Though April is just a blossoming month, we already have some juicy fruits on the site :)

Let’s have a look on news in RIO4CIO catalog:

  • 33 companies (this is not just IT developers and vendors, but also the ones who use these products. In April technological university has registered on our website – we are glad, it’s a progressive step in the right direction.

What else?

There are +79 categories on the site. Now, be ready, we’ll allow ourselves some humor: if you transfer 79 into Fahrenheit, and then to Celsius, that will be 26.1 C – we are heating up before summer comes.

Jokes aside, there are 2 new comparison tables.

This month we devoted to cyber defense. One table is dedicated to web application vulnerability scanner, while the other is about mobile device management.

We also permanently upgrading our ROI calculators, check it out. This month

we added Amazon web services product - Web Application Firewall. You can

fill the questionnaire and get an answer, if the use of this product will be efficient for your company.

And something fresh on the top: we wanted you to know that in April we hired few new people to our team, some of them will create new content soon. So, let’s stay in touch, our best IT readers!


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