Summing up 2018

The coming of the New Year is an excellent occasion to take stock, remind ourselves and others of our achievements and dream of increasing them next year. We will do that!


ROI4CIO in numbers

Autodesk Revit
Forcepoint NGFW
Microsoft Office 365
Hideez Key

Новые программы и проекты

  • Rebate 4 Reference - "discount for review" or "review for discount" :)
  • Pay 4 Content - возможность получить оплату за данные о внедрении программного обеспечения, а также заказать контент
  • Sales enablement пополнился новым решением - Sales card
And this year we changed the design.

And finally, we have this Blog, in which we try to publish reviews only on the most popular product categories and share comparisons of the most actual software, services, and equipment.

What will happen next? We already have plans and a big piggy bank of ideas. Stay with us and learn about them first.


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