Request a commercial proposal from suppliers

Request a commercial proposal or consultation on IT solutions, products from suppliers, receive a commercial offer and make the choice.
Searching for IT contracts, products, solutions or asking for quote requests from IT suppliers usually is time-consuming. Some companies find a way out of this situation by initiating a  tender, which requires a specific set of rules.  The arrangement of documents needed, criteria, publication, a collection of applications, opening bids and so on are stipulated by the tender committee.
Request a quote in ROI4CIO is a feature that a registered user can access on the card or product/solution page by clicking on the icon with the "$" sign.
There is an advanced feature of a quote request - “Price request” - available in the left menu. This option allows defining the required products or solutions by their categories and vendors and making a request for a business proposal for multiple products or solutions for a number of countries.
Price requests are sent to all IT suppliers offering these products or solutions in countries of the respective users and their locations.
The IT user can add a description of a specific request for a bid and attach the necessary files (for example, the conditions on competitors or the desired product specification). The detailed request for a business proposal helps IT suppliers replying to the IT user with an individual commercial offer. 
The IT user can see all quote requests and replies from suppliers in the same menu item “Price request”. 
After receiving all quotes the IT user will be able to find the right product or solution.
ROI4CIO recommends while considering offers to read reviews of existing solutions provided by suppliers in other companies, as well as to calculate the ROI and other financial indicators. 
Use ROI4CIO, make the right choice in IT and reap the benefits.

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