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Every experienced seller knows the product features that best motivate the buyer to purchase These may be advantages over a competitor or impressive success stories, In addition, B2B has SPIN, SNAP, MEDICC and many other sales techniques that explain which how the buyer can be influenced in order to close the deal.
Product manufacturers create value presentations, comparison matrix with competitors, ROI calculators, questionnaires and other sales tools, but usually, they are placed in partner portals and access to them is limited.
The creators of the ROI4CIO project decided that all market participants will only benefit if the minimum number of sales tools for all products are collected in one resource. It is convenient both for sellers who do not have time to study the portal of a separate manufacturer and it is necessary to "introduce new salesmen" and for buyers.

Buyers need this information because they also "sell" the decisions they chose to their management, and they need to quickly assess the budget with the changed parameters and give arguments to justify their choice.
Skeptics say that nobody wants to issue sales secrets to competitors, ROI4CIO
rejects the argument that all of these data is still available to analysts and partners, so therefore this information is still secret.
To increase motivation for entering information about deployments, selling stories, values, problems to be solved, etc., the resource accrues internal scores to content authors. The data entered must be confirmed by an independent expert, for products it is the representative of its vendor, for information about the deployment by the user who actually implemented it. The chosen set of characteristics for the comparison matrix of products is confirmed
by the administration of the project and independent market experts.

A distinctive feature of this portal is that all the data is used to translate into measured objective values. Vendors can enter an automatic quotator that calculates configuration and price after the customer completes a questionnaire. To assess the benefits, it is possible to use the ROI calculator.
The authors of the content can transfer the received scores to other authors whose work they want to evaluate, get a discount on the goods through the portal or withdraw the currency using i.e. PayPal. The project also allows rebate from a vendor for reference as a percentage of the amount of the purchased product, which is then paid by the vendor who is interested in
success stories.

The authors of the project are sure that the IT suppliers community will be interested
in creating useful content that will reduce their costs of searching for information,
allow sales managers to sell more efficiently, and allow buyers to choose products
that will fit their requirements, solve problems and provide ROI. 

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